Know me


Rychillie Umpierre de Olvieira, born on October 3, 1996 in Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, is a very nice person, with a good relationship with nature and with humanity. He's a little cuter than the rest of the guys, but he's a lot nicer than the rest of the guys. Jokes aside, this last part was written by Github Copilot.

If I were to describe my personality, I'd be a fool, I like to see people around me happy, I care a lot about my neighbor, do it part of me and my upbringing to care about others. That's why I have a great interest in sharing knowledge and with this idea I'm creating this website. Sharing my knowledge and helping the community.

My interest in development started because of electronic games, more specifically because of Minecraft. At the time my computer was not able to run most high quality games, so I ventured into Indies Games and with that I fell in love, I saw that it was possible to create magnificent things with great limitations.

For a while, game development was my dream, but because the market was small in the region where I lived, I couldn't devote myself to game development. So, I put my foot down and started to see what area I could work in, with my little knowledge and a lot of interest in development. So I went to Web Development, with the thought of working in the Mobile market, which at the time was much more talked about due to the success of the Apple iPhone and the arrival of smartphones.

I studied for a long time and worked in several areas within web development, with various technologies, starting with PHP using Laravel, Bootstrap in its heyday, along with JQuery, creating web applications in my city hall as an intern, after a while working in marketing agencies creating landing pages and ecommerces, in addition to working as a freelancer for about two years.

Soon after I had the opportunity to work on a large ecommerce platform in the country, creating layouts and themes, making a difference in the lives of customers . I also had the opportunity and was very proud to have been part of a team that creates IOT solutions for other companies to grow and make a difference.

Currently I work as a full-time Front-end Developer at in my free time I seek to collaborate with the developer community, teach and share my knowledge. Study UI Design and IOS Development. Two old interests that I like to share with those who accompany me.